Meeting Courtney Kerr!


First, this blog post is LONG overdue. It’s been 6 weeks since I had the opportunity to meet the fabulous Courtney Kerr of Courtney Loves Dallas and previously, Most Eligible Dallas. If you’re unaware (THEN GET AWARE) Courtney is fashion blogger and overall fabulous human being. Proof is in her show, and over at her blog What Courtney Wore

I was a casual viewer of Most Eligible Dallas, if I must be honest. I wasn’t a die-hard, tune in weekly fangirl. Bravo is known for replaying episodes over and over, which is awesome if you don’t have a DVR like moi! 🙂 So, I did eventually see the entire MED season (it ran for only one season). While I wasn’t a fan of all of the “stars”, Courtney was fabulous. Her relationship with playboy Matt Nordgren was enough to keep any girl coming back. What twenty or thirty-something female hasn’t had a MATT in their life at some point? A confusing, best friend type…with an even more confusing relationship title? None. At least none that I have found. Anyways, if you’re anything like me (you’re probably not, and I’m sorry if you are ;p) you were definitely wondering what the status of Courtney and Matt was, post-MEB season 1.

After what seemed like forever, Courtney popped back up on Bravo. With her own show. This is where I became a bit of a fangirl. Week after week, Courtney was on my TV as a hilarious and very REAL female I could relate too. Sure, her life is a hell of a lot more fabulous than mine, in some alternative universe… we’re BFFs and I’m getting botox with Courtney and Tori (Courtney’s real-life BFF and co-star of CLD). 

While on Twitter one day, I noticed Courtney tweeting about an event at The Empire Hotel for Valentine’s Day. Courtney, along with famed astrologer Susan Miller, were hosing the “BFF Valentine’s Party” at The Empire Hotel. As a single twenty-something with a penchant for Courtney Kerr, fabulous nights out and dressing up for drinks at ritzy bars – I was sold. Selling my numero-uno, Beka, on the idea was cinch. She girl crushes on Courtney as much as I.

The excitement for the party was only momentarily derailed by work schedule problems. But after a glass of tea and a few minutes of talking Beka “off the ledge” (or, rather, talking her into the car to go see Courtney!!!), we arrived. Albeit, very late, but with 30 minutes of the event left. Luckily, since we had RSVP’d, we had no trouble getting in – even as ridiculously late as we were. First things first – a drink. My drink of choice? Champagne and St. Germain. After my first drink, I was still a little nervous to approach the always friendly Ms. Kerr. Earlier in the evening, however, Courtney had RT’d (retweeted for all of you boring, non-tweeters) my tweet about seeing her at the party. That gave me an idea. I tweeted: “Made it to the #empirebff party… @thecourtneykerr is here but @Bekkkahh & I are trying not to be too fan girly… We haven’t said hi yet!” Almost immediately, Courtney responded: “@thatxgirlxjess @Bekkkahh Get yo asses over here ;)” YEP, she’s a sweetheart! Halfway into my second drink and with an actual invitation from Courtney herself – we headed over to her table! She jumped up to hug and greet us and was every bit the authentic Texan you see on CLD! Courtney graciously talked to us for more than 10 minutes about everything – her show, fashion, Texas, guys…. everything! Then, of course, we took photos. She’s just too perfect in real life – let me say that much.

Anyways, Beka and I managed to wait until we left to start freaking out. BUT, it was awesome! I want myself to feel embarrassed about being such a fangirl – but there’s no better female on TV to girl crush on! 

If you’re not familiar, get familiar. Season 1 was actually filmed way before it aired – I think something like a year and a half. Courtney has blown up in the fashion world since…most recently she attended fashion shows for all the top designers during NYFW. As of February, Courtney was getting ready to film season 2 – which will portray her now FLOURISHING career in fashion and her new relationship with the love of her life, and of course…shenanigans with BFF Tori. 


Myself and Courtney



Beka and Courtney






Screenshot or it didn’t happen… 😉






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