New Toy – Jawbone UP




Finally received my birthday present in the mail today – yes, today. I, for one, was totally shocked to find out the USPS delivers Amazon packages on Sunday – hallelujah! I have been looking at workout bands for months. I was back and forth between the Jawbone, Fitbit and briefly, the Fuelband. Ultimately, one review stuck in my mind – the Jawbone stood out for me. Plus, I had personal recommendations from UP users (lovers)! I have only had mine charged and of use for the last 8 hours and I’m completely obsessed!!! My raving even convinced my mom to purchase one for herself! 

I work out most days – but I think this will push my physical activity to a whole new level. I am very competitive. I have already found myself going out of my way to stay moving on day one. I definitely need a new pair of sneakers though – mine are not providing the type of support I need for over 18,000 steps a day!!!!! 🙂 

These are my current totals for Day 1:



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