Unfinished Draft 5/17/13 – Life Changes (At the Time)




I was thinking of all the new things I’ve been doing since the start of the new year!

One of my big goals was to continue trying new things.

Health and wellness are so important – and it’s so much easier than I have ever imagined.

In my last year of college (just a couple years ago!), I found myself eating once a day. I was smoking, not terribly heavy, but a pack every few days. I was drinking entirely too much Pepsi Max. I had a schedule that allowed me to sleep in and start my mornings off slow. I’d wake up and having a cigarette and pour my first big glass of pepsi max. I’d enjoy my morning on the porch and read/study/mess around on my phone. This was my morning. In the afternoon, I had class. I would drink pepsi max, sugar free red bull or water through my classes, smoke in between and occasionally have a Fiber One bar. At the end of the night when I was finally done for the day, I’d go grab a big meal. Because it was late, I rarely cooked. I would eat frozen foods or pick up a large sized meal from a local fast food place. UGH. I’m disgusted by it. I was losing weight so I continued with it. I was aware, although not to concerned, over my weight loss also coinciding with my muscle loss. And, my lifestyle choices took their toll. I was frequently sick. Bronchitis was a regular occurrence for me. I was suffering from some pretty severe joint and muscle pain throughout the winter as well.

When I moved to NYC after I graduated, I slowly started picking up healthier choices. Growing up, I did not like a single vegetable except for raw carrots. That’s it. None. But I also never gave food a chance. I never gave supplements, vitamins or herbs a chance either. I had been raised the way many are in Western Medicine – which pill can make it go away? After my first 9 months in NYC, I was still eating junk occasionally and the fibromyalgia pain was still around and I was generally not happy with my job and life. I took 3 months back in Michigan. I stayed with my parents. I saw family. I enjoyed time with friends. I really just enjoyed a “time out”. I’ve never been one of those people whose been sure of what they wanted to do for the rest of their life. I have so many interests and they chance quickly. I had always realized I was a bit unhappy at times but someone mentioned it to me – this person was unfamiliar with the extent to which I had allowed myself to suffer and not take control of life. I knew something had to change. I was not going to spend the rest of my life sick and miserable. I got outside and walked or ran everyday in the beautiful fresh Northern Michigan air. Enjoyed the earth. I began getting interested in leaving behind the bad habits and focusing on the positive in my life. I became addicted to the site MindBodyGreen and it led to my interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I briefly considered (and was accepted into a Masters program for TCM, but I realized while it is a lifestyle choice I want to follow, I am not ready to be a practitioner). When I moved back to NY, I cut out the junk and became a regular user of herbs. I was still working too much to exercise but I was moving so much in my job. I way less stressed until the end and I was healthy all summer. It was incredible! Since my work schedule has changed, I have had more time to study and learn about nutrition and TCM.

While I admire many aspects of the traditional vegan diet and the paleo diet – I think that people should follow what works best for them.

My diet is very plant-based, although I do eat meat (mostly just chicken). Greens are now the staple of my meals. I avoid wheat and gluten, except for the occasional Ezekiel seseame slice or Ezekiel english muffin. I don’t eat products with high fructose corn syrup or …


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