The Kings of Summer


Tonight I rented the iTunes weekly rental special, “The Kings of Summer” – Must see!

Not sure if these quotes are able to portray the hilarity of these scenes – and they are just a few of many!!! Biaggio, played by Moises Arias, was especially hilarious! Still laughing reading these quotes!

Biaggio gives his faux kidnapper letters to Joe to read.

Patrick:”Jamal Colorado?”
Joe: “Anferneee Texas?”
Biaggio nods
Joe: “D’Sean Utah?”
Biaggio: “Yeah, I decided on the format of Denzel Washington, a black first name followed by a state.”
Patrick: “Yeah, fuck that, we’re not using those.”
Joe: “Okay, Biaggio, good effort, although very poorly planned out and … um… savagely racist.”


Joe: “Have you ever felt this at one with yourself? With your instincts, with nature? This… this masculine?”
Biaggio: “I don’t know. I don’t really see myself as having a gender.”



Joe: Vicky’s making eyes at you. Go talk to her. She’s so into it.
Biaggio: There’s no point in me talking to her anyways.
Joe: Why not?
Biaggio: Joe. I’m gay.
Joe: Are you sure?
Biaggio: Yes. My lungs fill up with fluid every time the seasons change.
Joe: That’s not being gay, Biaggio.
Biaggio: What?
Joe: I’m pretty sure that’s cystic fibrosis.
Biaggio: Oh. (Smiling)
Joe: Biaggio, I don’t know why you’re smiling. Cystic fibrosis is not a walk in the park. It’s actually a very serious medical..
Biaggio: Hey, what about Kelly?


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