I’ve been thinking a lot the last few weeks about the inability of the current generation to discuss feelings. Sure, I know plenty of people from older generations who are guilty of the same. BUT, it seems like our generation’s ability to hide behind cell phones and computer screens has resulted in an abundance of passive-agressive behavior and complete and utter avoidance. 

Call me old school, but I think when you have an issue with someone – you should have a conversation about it. I’m not suggesting a long, drawn out, talk-it-to-death situation. But, an actual conversation, whether in person or over the phone (voices, people), where you’re forced to deal with the issue in real time, confront your feelings and accept the feelings of others.

I honestly feel our inability (or refusal) to be a part of this human process is weakening our connections. Friendships seems less and less true. People jump from “best friend” to “best friend” with little regard for the concept. Take a second to think about your actions, your “friend’s” actions, your emotion, their emotion, your perspective, their perspective – the world is far more harmonious this way. 


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