Bio: I'm your (less-than) average twenty-something trying to figure out the world. I spend most of my time feeling like a child or a senior citizen (although I don’t seem to ever qualify for either discount, damn). I spend my days pretending to be a middle-aged suburban housewife, jk, I’m a nanny – which is basically the same thing. I’m originally a Midwesterner, which explains why I’m taller than 78% of NYC men (real statistic I just made up). Previous to this current adventure, I picked up a PR degree (that I have very little interest in), broke my back and threw the discus mildly far. My life is a series of odd stories – and I’m prone to telling them. I’ve spent the last few years in this crazy place trying to figure out where I’m going in life. Although, I’m usually distracted by the newest Buzzfeed list or my latest Netflix addciton – guilty as charged. Sometimes, but not nearly enough, it’s also because I’m at the gym. I also blog over at FitNannyNY(.wordpress.com), check it out.

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